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This interactive 5- hour workshop on "The Things We Love" starts promptly at 10 am and will be 5 hours of fun, projects, food, and connection.

This is a small hands-on gathering with 7 other people in our community. This a great size for a group and chances are you will feel like old friends by the time it's time to say goodbye.

Each person will be asked to share what some of the things they love in life: a hobby, passion, talent, skill, practice or activity that they have found adds value to their life.

In addition to the day's conversation topic, we will have a print project for each person to create. 

Each workshop offers a delicious charcuterie-style lunch. You'll enjoy a variety of meats, cheeses, breads, fruits, vegetables, dips, sauces, and wine. These are always a hit!

Come prepared to make some new friends and leave with a little spring in your step!

See you soon!


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