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This interactive workshop on "Sketching out your Vision" starts promptly at 10 am and will be 5 hours of fun, projects, food, and connection.

This is a small hands-on gathering of eight where each person will have the dedicated time to map out their upcoming plans for the next year. We will be creating vision boards for each person filled with meaningful pictures and quotes to inspire and remind them of the good things on the horizon. In addition to vision boards, each person will be asked to share a fifteen minute look into their favorite hobby, passion, talent, skill, practice or activity that they have found contributes to the goodness in their life.

Each workshop offers a delicious Mediterranean-style lunch. You'll enjoy a variety of meats, cheeses, breads, fruits, vegetables, dips, sauces, soup and wine. These are always a hit!

Come prepared to make some new friends and leave with a little spring in your step about the good things you're inviting into your life!

See you soon!


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