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I need a boyfriend

I might need a boyfriend.
See, I get these ideas in my head that I think will be romantic, and it turns out they are not romantic. At all. I may need to adjust what I think is romantic.
Last month, I was quietly sitting at my desk working when I looked up to watch the rain outside of my window.
My son had been home from college for nearly two months, and with life locked down, we were both spending entirely too much time in front of electronics.
It was there, looking out the window on a rainy spring day that this idea just came sauntering into my mind and asked to sit down for a quick visit. I thought it over for a full two minutes before standing up, walking to my son’s bedroom and presenting him with this plan:
“Hey, I was just thinking. You have 3 weeks before you need to be in Boston for your internship this summer, what if you took the car and went and picked up your cousin and you guys took a three week road trip? The roads are pretty empty. Lodging should be cheap. How about you go skip some rocks on every lake between here and Massachusetts and have a little adventure?”
“Really? I can take the car?”
“Well, I’m not really going anywhere, anyway. It’s all yours if you want it.”
An hour later, he took me up on my offer and 24 hours later, he was pulling out of the driveway to make his way to the east coast.
I figured a good, solid, hands-on trip, learning to navigate his own path, book his own rooms and find his own activities would be a great life skill experience to have in his pocket.
This was not the romantic idea.
I still like this idea, and he pulled into Boston safe and sound a few days ago.
The romantic idea was the part where I THOUGHT I would enjoy biking to the market or around town or anywhere I wanted to go all summer.
I THOUGHT it would be kinda quaint and really give me a chance to embrace the unrushed life of the Dutch. I imagined that I would put a basket on my bike and even look forward to running my errands. Since I was on my bike, I would probably stop by the Organic U-pick strawberry patch and come home and make a salad. It would probably even encourage me to meditate.
This sounded so perfect in my mind during the two minute conference I had with myself before sending my car away for the summer.
But the reality is
What. Was. I. Thinking?
The other day, while I had the website up and working on it, a couple of orders trickled in, which I was delighted about, AND I needed to get to the post office before 5.
So, here I am, me and my romantic ideas. We are about to pedal on down to the post office to mail our first package.
If you were wondering if I stopped to pick strawberries. I did not.
I DID have a bowl of ice cream though to celebrate our first sale!

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