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Discovering MY colors

Years ago, when I had an apartment of my own for the first time, someone suggested I take time to fill it with the things that I loved.
That left me wondering for the first time, "What things do I love?" idea.
I had no idea what I liked. None. I’d never spent one moment of time getting to know myself well enough to know what style of things I liked.
I decided to change that, and I’ve spent a good bit of time in the last fifteen years looking through magazines, touring model homes, and pinning items on Pinterest, in order to get to know myself a bit better. This has allowed me to surround myself with things that bring me joy.
When I set out on a quest last month to find the art inside of my heart, I needed to use the same method. I needed to narrow down my options so it didn’t feel quite so overwhelming.
I found it useful to make lists of things I loved to look at in order to determine what kind of elements I would want to see in my art.
My first list looked something like this:
Rolling green hills
Downtown buildings
Words, lots of words on my art
Then, I scoured color palettes to find colors that spoke to me. It felt so good to take time after 44 years to really look through colors and find the ones that I liked most.
Next, I sat down with a pen and a notebook to write down some of the ideas I would want to depict in my art.
These words just flowed out of the pen as if they had been forming for the last twenty years.
“She carried within her heart the dreams of a thousand sleepless nights, and they burned like fuel for the fire within her soul.”
This was me. An insomniac since forever, up late at night with a notebook and pen dreaming up the next idea that will set my soul on fire.
As I tried to create a picture that relayed that message, this completely capable woman with strong, powerful legs came to mind. A woman that was going places with all those dreams in her heart. I love the forward motion and the confidence in her step.
It just felt right.
I suppose I will spend the next fifteen years figuring out what my art looks like, and it will morph and change just as my style in my home has changed.
It feels like a wonderful way to spend this next season of life . . . writing out the words and phrases that light up my heart and taking time to figure out a way to turn them into art.
I’m so looking forward to getting to know myself better. Thank you for sharing my journey with me.

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