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Happy New Year

Happy New Year

Dear Villager,

Welcome to the new year!

I hope this year brings you good health, lasting friendship, kindness, love and a whole new chapter of happy memories.

I hope that if your life fell apart this year and your heart broke into a thousand pieces and you currently feel like the sun will never shine again that sometime soon, maybe on a quiet Tuesday in February, on your way to the grocery store that you notice the blue of the sky and warmth of the sun streaming through the car window onto your face and you feel hope.

I hope you find yourself whispering “Thank you” to no one in particular. Not thank you for the experience that shattered your heart, but for the gift it is that a broken heart can feel the light of hope after a season of darkness.

I hope you create joy in your life this year. I hope you take time to figure out what that joy looks like for you. Maybe you’ll make lists and set goals and reach for the moon. I hope you do.

But I hope joy comes to sit with you while you’re folding laundry or reading a book with your kids or having a cup of tea with your friends. I hope the sunset brings you joy and you get up early occasionally just to watch the sun rise.

I hope you make yourself a playlist of your favorite songs and turn up the music and sing out loud and go to that place you’ve been wanting to visit.

I hope you take time to call an old friend and make time to meet a new one. You’re going to need other people this year. You’ve felt the weight of grief by yourself, but in order to feel the full magnitude of joy, you’ll need someone with whom you can share it. Find those friends. Be that friend.

I hope you make this year beautiful. Paint a picture. Plant a garden. Smile at a stranger. Take up a new hobby. Cook a fancy meal. Find a way to add beauty to your life EVERY SINGLE DAY.

I hope you know that you hold within the palm of your hand the power to create a joyful life. You are a masterful creator and with a little dreaming and scheming you can find a way to fully embrace the gift of life. It may be uncomfortable. It will take work. It may be scary, but joy is worth it.

I hope you know that I’m thankful to have you as a part of my village. What a gift you've been to me this year! Thank you.

I hope you share your pictures of beauty and joy with me this year. I want to be one that can share your joy with you.

I’m sending you all my best wishes for you as you step into a new year. May this be your best year yet!


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