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Change is in the works

One afternoon in the fall of 2005, I was standing at the counter in my newly opened flower shop. The warm cinnamon candle welcomed the crisp fall as the rays of the sunlight shone through the big display windows.

As I stood there next to the cash register scribbling something out on a piece of paper, my sister approached the counter and presented me with a gift.

With the kind of kindness that borders on exasperation, she said, "Deb, this is for you. You need ONE PLACE to write out all of your ideas. You need consolidated."

I reached inside the blue Walmart bag and pulled out a great big thick 5 Subject notebook.

She then proceeded to enlighten me on the many ways my life would be improved if I would try compiling all of my thoughts and projects into a single bound book allowing me to keep all the necessary details of each project at my fingertips at all times (and she wouldn't find random envelopes wherever I was last writing out my thoughts.)

This was an excellent suggestion for my somewhat scattered but enthusiastic, idea-thinking-up brain, and I have had hundreds of notebooks over the years.

I'm a project person. I live my life project to project. The thrill of a new project brings me immeasurable joy. The problem is that the last fifteen years of projects are scattered all over the web. I have websites for printables and vector files and prints and Etsy stores and blogs.'s slightly ridiculous.

I need a web version of my 5 subject notebook.

I need to merge my worlds.

I am in the middle of creating a new website. It's swanky and hip, and I love it! This new site will allow me to write, create and sell digital word designs and offer other physical vinyl and print products that I love. I love printing and vinyl and words and you.

I will LOVE having all of my worlds merged into one place.

I hope to make this change over the next couple of weeks. I will launch a website that combines my other sites AND allows me to write about all the projects I'm working on at any given moment...from printing to potlucks and workshops to painting. I need ONE place.

I hope you will stick with me as I merge my Lifted Village community with my crafting community to consolidate my worlds into one place with the goal of making the world more beautiful.

Stay home and stay safe!

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