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About ten years ago on a quiet summer afternoon, I trepidatiously stepped out of my comfort zone and answered an ad on [the equivalent of] Craigslist for a Chrysler convertible...the kind of car sweet old grandmas drive.

I didn't care that it was a grandma car. Freedom called to the very most inner parts of me! The price was right, and I took the leap.

I realized immediately that life on the other side of my comfort zone would be exhilarating. It took me until the end of the block to fall in love with the music up loud and the wind blowing through my hair. I LOVED IT!

Time went by, and I saw a sporty red Mini Cooper convertible for sale. It felt a little flashy for me to drive a red convertible, and I felt like maybe I wouldn't be able to match that flash in my flip flops and jeans. I stepped into the car and took it for a spin around the block. I was sold.

I spent the next year finding ANY excuse to take ANYBODY for a ride through wine country in my convertible at ANY time.

Spring blossoms? Yes, please.

Summer evenings? Perfect!

A regular Tuesday in May? Sounds good to me.

Cold outside? Bundle up buttercup. We have a heater!

I loved it! boys weren't so thrilled. They were approaching teenage years and the back seat of a Mini No leg room. Or feet room. Or room. I kept it for a year before trading it in on something more practical for my growing sons.

Three years later, it feels utterly disappointing each fall when I look out at my driveway and see a Nissan Altima (the very definition of practical cars) instead of a fun package of happiness placed on four wheels.

I decided that for this October to be properly done, I needed to take a convertible ride through the beauty of fall.

So, I turned up my creativity. When funds are short, creativity reigns supreme.

I got on a website called Turo. It's like Airbnb...for people that want to rent their cars out. I found a convertible for rent just up the road. Then I went to work finding some friends to share the joy (and the overhead.)

Yesterday I spent the day driving through the tree covered highway of the Columbia Gorge.

There's just something about a convertible ride through the countryside in the fall with a friend at your side that makes it feel like every little thing in the world is gonna be alright.

A little creativity makes the impossible, possible.

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