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Deb Evans here!

I’m a creator, maker, mover, and shaker. 

Projects are my thing, and I find dreaming up ideas and bringing them to life utterly exhilarating. It's the stuff that makes me feel one hundred percent engaged and fully alive.

Over the last twenty years, I've raised two nice humans and have had to figure out how to be both the breadwinner and homemaker. I was raised in a devout religious culture that had very separate roles for men and women, and it was made very clear from a young age that men were the providers and women were the homemakers. Though I thought this was a great plan for our family as a young newlywed, when I found myself divorced with two kids to raise and absolutely no marketable skills to provide for them, I scrambled to find a way to make a living.

Somewhere in that scramble, I started my own business, a flower shop. That single decision, born out of desperation, changed my life, and I have loved the challenges and joys of being an entrepreneur. I have a soft spot for new entrepreneurs, and I will cheer you on as you start up and grow your business. I encourage everyone to have a side gig that puts money in their pocket and confidence in their heart.

My boys and I have shared a lifetime of adventures as we lived in an apartment over our sign shop (turned out flowers weren't my thing), renovated a movie theater, opened an escape room and lived in an RV as we made our way all around America. We've made so many fun memories together, but last year they graduated high school and headed out to make their own way in the world.

It's not a very cheerful topic for most people, but not long after I turned 40, I lost faith in the loving God that seemed to show up 'always and just in the nick of time', the God who had given me such confidence to raise my kids solo, start businesses, and navigate the world alone. This loss of belief crushed me, and three years of heartbreak and grief followed resulting in losing my business, my confidence and worst of all, my hope. Lifted Village was born out of my need to find purpose and lift myself from the dark suffocating tentacles of depression.

I have stepped into a new season of life. The sun has come out again in my heart, and I feel this need deep inside to take the lessons of the past and turn them into art. Along with being a creator, maker, mover and shaker, I want to be an artist, someone who makes the world more beautiful. This feels a little uncomfortable at times as I learn to switch from my mechanical left brain to my creative right brain. I’m taking time to discover the colors I love, the words that speak to me and figure out my own style of adding beauty to the world. I want to be comfortable saying the words, “I’m an artist.”

As I sit quietly in my newly emptied nest, I have a bit of time on my hands to think back over the many people, friends and customers that lifted my little family over the last twenty years and made it possible for us to beat the odds and create a rich life full of interesting people, invigorating projects, and potluck dinners.

Along with being a creative outlet, Lifted Village provides me with a way to send good vibes out into the world, share ideas of how to more fully notice the beauty in our lives and offer simple ways to make our gatherings more meaningful.

One more thing you should know. I have a borderline ridiculous affinity for printing. With my boys no longer at home, I have time and space to fill my house up with printers. Extremely large ones. In practically every room. I love them, and if given the chance, I will tell you all about them.

Welcome to my village!

May you be blessed with an unusual life!



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